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Monday, December 31, 2012

January 2013 Month Rasi palan Horoscope
This is January 2013 Rasi palan Horoscope Predictions for all the 12 rasi as per the predictions of Tamil Panchangam 2013.

Mesha rasi January 2013 Predictions: Mesha rasi palan for January 2013.  Good times begins for you. This is the time to reunite with the broken relationships.
Rishaba rasi January 2013 Predictions: Whole New Year 2013 january month is the happiest month for you. You will be more encaged with your work.
Mithuna rasi January 2013 Predictions: you experienced more loss than gain in the previous year but the beginning of January 2013 is going to give more gain.
Kadaga rasi January 2013 Predictions: This is a busiest month for you. you will get many opportunities. Hard work gives reward for your pain.
Simha rasi January 2013 Predictions: You are in great thinking to solve a problem. This will be solved smoothly. The happiest movement returns.
Kanni rasi January 2013 Predictions: You have to start a new work by this month January. This will become success due to your hard work and dedication.
Thula rasi January 2013 Predictions: This is the month of calm and peace. . You have a problem in your mind and thinking about that with out sharing anybody. All your problems get solved very soon.
 Vrischika rasi January 2013 Predictions: You faced many problems in the year 2012. This year you will be relived from all the struggles and obstacles.  
Dhanusu rasi January 2013 Predictions: Good time for working and ladies.  The month January 2013 gives a powder of great self confidence.
Makara rasi January 2013 Predictions: All your dreams come true by this month but go slow and select the best and good.
Kumbha rasi January 2013 Predictions: Nice month and the good and bad comes alternatively. Be careful and avoid speaking with strangers.
Meena rasi January 2013 Predictions: Hard work is the key point for your ever shining. The place of moon gives great strength for you through out the month.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

December 2012 Rasi palan Predictions

December 2012 Predictions
This is December 2012 Rasi palan Predictions for all the 12 rasi as per Tamil Panchangam.
Mesha rasi December 2012 Predictions: Mesha rasi palan December 2012 is the happiest month. You fulfill the need of your family members. Pray Hanuman on Saturdays.
Rishaba rasi December 2012 Predictions: Rishaba rasi palan December 2012 Control your anger. All your bending works will be successfully finished by this month.
Mithuna rasi December 2012 Predictions: There will be little struggle with some profit. Don’t do any funny things because it becomes serious issue. Pray Durga Devi
Kadaga rasi December 2012 Predictions: very slow in finishing your work. If you are not sure in anything better drop it. Pray Vishnu for better and improvement.
Simha rasi December 2012 Predictions: Good and improved month. All your dream comes true. Pray guru for betterment.
Kanni rasi December 2012 Predictions: This is the a joy and delightful month. Pray lord Shiva on monda’s.
Thula rasi December 2012 Predictions: promotion in Job, new project for business people and marriage talk for boys and girls are the characteristic of Thula December 2012 palan.
Vrischika rasi December 2012 Predictions: It is very difficult to satisfy the need of your family memers. They will show the anger on you. Pray Durga Devi.
Dhanusu rasi rasi December 2012 Predictions: Excellent month for business people and students. Chance to re- join the broken relationships.
Makara rasi rasi December 2012 Predictions: Good year and this is the spring season for you in financial wise.  You will get justice favoring your side.
Kumbha rasi rasi December 2012 Predictions: You will tackle all the problems easily. You will get reward for your hard work.
Meena rasi rasi December 2012 Predictions: avoid giving suggestion for others problems. This may cause some discomforts. Sluggish action may appear to complete your work at time. Pray Parvathi Devi for betterment.   

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Guru peyarchi 2013 Palangal Tamil predictions from 2013 - 2014

Guru Peyarchi 2013 Palangal

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This is Guru peyarchi 2013 Palangal Tamil predictions from 2013 – 2014.
The most important transits are sani peyarchi, Guru peyarchi and raghu, kethu peyarchi.  After one guru transit people usually follow that when is guru peyarchi 2013? Next guru peyarchi 2013 is coming by the month of May. As per the predilections of Tirukkanita panchangam the trasit takes place yearly once.  The guru peyarchi may 2013 give some changes for all the twelve rasi. The chances may be positive for some and reverse effect for some rasi. The effect is positive nothing to worry but in case of negative effect, we should take some preventive measures. This can act against the negative or bad palan of guru peyarchi in 2013. Here I have given  guru peyarchi palangal 2013 to 2014 for all the 12 rasi. You can find your horoscope guru peyarchi after May 2013 and can do parikaram if necessary. The astrology is predicted by Guru peyarchi 2013 in Tamil panchangam palan.

The following predictions are going on with our astrology experts. Soon the below content will be updated.

Guru peyarchi 2013 mesha rasi Palan
The planet Jupiter is going to stay in  2nd house  for Mesha Rasi people. You will get all the success in your life after this guru transit. Peoples who belong to art and craft profession get timely growth.

Guru peyarchi 2013 for rishaba rasi Palan
The planet guru Jupiter will be moving to 1 location during this guru transit.  All your incomplete work will be successfully end.   People those who are working in private concern get promotions. Your mind will expect some spiritual relaxation.

Guru peyarchi mithuna rasi 2013 palan
The planet guru Jupiter will be in the location of 12 after this guru transit.  Basically you re cool and playful but you should take and handle the things very carefully after this Guru peyarchi 2013complacent and try to take things seriously.
Guru peyarchi kataka rasi 2013 Palangal

The location of guru Jupiter will be in the location of 11th  place for for Kataka Rasi people. All your negative happenings are going to be end and touch the height of success. Best time for your carrier growth. The obstacles in the business filed of Kataka rasi people will be removes and go smoothly.  

Guru peyarchi palangal 2013 for simha rasi
Guru peyarchi 2013 for kanni rasi
Guru peyarchi 2013 predictions for thula rasi
Guru peyarchi 2013 for viruchigam
Guru peyarchi 2013 for Dhanus Rasi
Guru peyarchi 2013 makara rasi Palan
kumbha rasi guru peyarchi palangal 2013
Guru peyarchi meenam 2013

Friday, December 7, 2012

Mesha rasi Palan 2013 Predictions Tamil Panchangam Horoscope

2013 Mesha Rasi Palan
This is Mesham rasi palan 2013 Tamil astrology. Here are predictions.  
Aswini bharani karthigai or Ashwini bharani krittika are the mesha rasi natchathiram. In the year 2013, raghu is in 7th house and kethu is in your genma rasi and sani is in 7th position of your rasi. Guri is in 2nd place upto May 26th 2013. After Guru peyarchi 2013 that is from May 27th 2013 Guru movies to 3rd place. This year first mon guru is in Vakram stage so the guru vakra palan stats that the time is not good for you. So you should be very careful in January 2013.
The location of Guru is in good position up to May 26th 2013.  Health condition of parents will be improved. Good progress in your education and working place. Be friendly with other language people because you will get some favour from them. Chances are bright to get new vehicles or new asset. Sani is at your 7th place. This is not favour for doing good things but guru save you from the danger.
After May 27th 2013 Guru is moving to 3rd place so he can not save you from this Guru transit 2013. This will cause some degradation in your work some people can change their job or the business people move from one place to another to withstand their project. With this guru kethu and sani also giving bad effects. This will continue up to November 2013.
Again the good time starts from   December 8th 2013. This is the end for all your troubles. You are going to excellent life changes in the last two months of the year 2013. Pariharam for guru, rahu, and kehu those are visiting thatchinamoorthy temple on Thursday,  saneeswaran temple on Saturdays and ganesh temple.